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simplyk8's Journal

8 December
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Kate was born on December 8, 1982. She was well traveled by a very young age, having lived and visited several places in Europe before she was 4, at which time the family moved to the 'berbs of Phoenix, Arizona, and her little sister came around. The family of four settled well in the upper-middle class stereotypical neighborhood. Kate was educated in public school, which she actually enjoyed. Her mother was (and still is) a teacher in the school district while her father was (and still is) an engineer for Motorola. It was a loving family. A good time was had by all, most of the time.

But Kate was anxious, particularly after the shy little girl decided it wasn't fun to be the quite one in the back of the class and decided instead to express her opinion. This change was not necessarily received well by her peers. Her hometown was (is and likely will always be) a very conservative town and Kate's opinions frequently came out rather, well, er... liberal. Particularly in comparison.

This would followed her until she graduated high school and likely will for a good part of her life.

In high school she participated in many extra cirriculars, including the tennis team, speech and debate, academic decathalon, and most notably and continuously, the yearbook, of which she was editor in chief her senior year, and a ranking editor every year of high school. Come her senior year, she was definitely ready to leave her small town, and in effort to do so, she applied to several private colleges, most on the east coast. Her first choice was Smith College.

She currently attends Smith College in Northmapton, MA, and is relatively happy. She is president of her class, sits on several planning committees, and is keeping herself as busy as possible. She has plans to major in government with a minor in either history, econ, or perhaps English (which would make her mother very happy).

She is hoping to go home over the summer, get a tan, educate people on the culture of the East Coast, and earn money so she is no longer poor. She is planning to get a job in menial tasks likely in clothing retail simply because it would be relatively simple and there's very little else to do in Arizona except perhaps work for a movie theater-- yeah, been there, done that, would rather fold clothes. She hopes to work about 40 hours a week while, on the week-end, volunteering for Jay Blanchard's campaign for Superintendent of the Arizona School Systems (yay democrats!) and maybe even for Janet Napalitano for governor.